Out of Sight 2017 in the news

"Out of Sight, Into Mind: Art On the Margins of the Seattle Art Fair," Emily Pothast, The Stranger.

"Don’t Slight Out of Sight," T.S. Flock, Seattle Weekly.

"Out of Sight Leads the Fight for Northwest Artists," Darren Davis, Seattle Met.

"Bigger and better: Seattle Art Fair and its little brother Out of Sight are back this weekend," Brendan Kiley, The Seattle Times.

"Out of Sight Is Big, Beautiful and Bright," Margo Vansynghel, City Arts.

Out of Sight 2016 in the news


"Out of Sight: The Pacific Northwest Art Show is Harder, Better, Faster in Year 2," Jen Graves, The Stranger.

"Is Seattle Art Fair the New Art Basel?" Liz Suman, Playboy.

"The Sights of 'Out of Sight'," Amanda Manitach, City Arts Magazine.

"Out of Sight’s Regional Riches," T.S. Flock, Seattle Weekly.

"At Seattle Art Fair, the Interaction Between Technology and Modern Life," Kirk Johnson, The New York Times.

T.S. Flock, Vanguard.

"Seattle Art Fair and Out of Sight Rev Up for August," 
Jen Graves, Slog The Stranger.


Out of Sight 2015 in the news


"Out of Sight is Coming into View,"  Amanda Manitach, CityArts.

"The Real Seattle Art Fair is Out of Sight,"  Jen Graves, The Stranger.

"Out of Sight Pops Up With Seattle Art Fair," Amber Cortes, HamptonsArtHub.

"High Art Meets Deep Pockets at Seattle Art Fair," Tricia Romano, SeattleTimes.

"Seattle Art Fair Receives a Boost From Tech’s Big Spenders," Melena Ryzik, The New York Times. 

"First Seattle Art Fair Opens," Melena Ryzik, The New York Times.