August 4

Amy Johnson and crew
6 pm, 8 pm, 10 pm

AU Collective
8:30 pm, 9:30 pm, 10:30 pm 

Alice Gosti
6 pm–10 pm

Calie Swedberg
how to hold and care for precious things 
6 pm–12 am

August 5

Amy Johnson and Crew
5 pm–6:30 pm

August 6

Letterpress workshop with Demian Dine’Yazhi and Tracy Schlapp
12 pm–3 pm
$30 suggested donation 

A letterpress workshop with Portland-based artists Demian Dine’Yazhi and Tracy Schlapp to create original prints with the local community. These events are largely focused on identity, colonization, place, geography, and locating an individual concept of home through reclaiming and printing over old USGS maps. The first workshop was first conducted at the Portland Art Museum, in which the artists worked directly with LGBTQ2 high school youth groups, and the second event was in conjunction with Portland Art Museum’s Indigenous Art & Comedy Night. 


2 pm–5 pm

Each member of Physical Education (PE) will gift one another a package of selected materials including objects, reading materials, and video dance files. This package is as much a means for collaboration as it is a suggestion for the spontaneous performance at hand. During their solo performance, PE will unpack, respond to, and integrate the gifted elements within a durational time structure of their individual choosing (most will happen within a 2–5 hour time frame). 

The format of this exchange was created in response to the vastness of physical proximity we have had with one another. Most of us have been dispersed over the course of the summer leading up to the invitation to do Out of Sight. How do we make being in the same room into a reality? Perhaps this is a question of what it means to be present, or what it means to give one? The performances will be cumulative over the course of the August weekends—building on the others’ preceding manifestations of this exchange. 


VR for Artists:
Live Q&A with Portland Immersive Media Group
4 pm–5 pm

A session discussing grant writing for VR, "externalizing" virtual reality for galleries and exhibition space, pipeline, group dynamics, and process,  as well as Unity 3D as an keystone app of digital content creation.

August 7

Swedish Pancake Breakfast
Served by the Out of Sight team
10 am–2 pm

We don't believe in the starving artist trope. Armed spatulas and a love for art, we served pancakes and strawberries to visitors on the last day of opening week. 

August 13

Dayna Hanson
An excerpt from 28 problems
2 pm, 4 pm
Performers: Madison Haines, Julia Sloane

This short performance offers a sneak peek at Hanson’s new dance, which will premiere in October 2016 as part of 9e2, a revisiting of 9 Evenings. 28 problems is a quartet dance that transcodes a page of calculus equations into invented movement language.


Antonio Somera
3 ten-minute performances


ilvs strauss
Lesbian Fantasy #1, #2, #5
12 pm–6 pm (a serial performance, August 13, 14, 21)
East wall.

Artist/performer: ilvs strauss
Dancer/choreographer: Jenna Eady
Exploring the vocabulary of written and unwritten fantasies. An excerpt from the artists’ upcoming duet, Lesbian Fantasy #1–#5, a part of the IOTA debut series at Velocity Dance Center (Aug 26 and 27, 8 pm.) 


August 14

ilvs strauss
Lesbian Fantasy #1, #2, #5
12 pm–6 pm (a serial performance, 
August 13, 14, 21)


Amy Johnson and crew
2:30–4 pm

AU Collective: Randy Ford
2 pm

August 20

Physical Education: Allie Hankins
2 pm–5 pm

August 21

ilvs strauss
Lesbian Fantasy #1, #2, #5
12 pm–6 pm (a serial performance, August 13, 14, 21)

August 27

AU Collective
1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm

Physical Education: 
Takahiro Yamamoto
2 pm–4 pm

Physical Education: 
Lu Yim
2 pm–4 pm    

Alice Gosti and Crew
A Tiny Act of Kindness
3 pm–6 pm

August 28